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Content creation involves curating and crafting various media forms to capture the essence of moments. It's about seizing behind-the-scenes snippets in your raw and beautiful authenticity, preserving the candid emotions and unseen details that make the event special.


In the context of weddings, it means capturing those fleeting moments before, during, and after the ceremony—like the nervous laughter, the hidden glances, your carefully thought out details and the unexpected surprises.


Instant videos and reels, meticulously edited and curated, become cherished keepsakes, shared with the couple after their whirlwind day, encapsulating the magic they might have missed in the whirlwind of the celebration.


Price starts at - $850 AUD


Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 10.24.32 pm.png
Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 10.24.02 pm.png

Our photo albums are available to all our past or upcoming couples. Each album can be customised by our couples who will have the opportunity to select their own images and create the layout of each page in their personalised album.

Our beautiful handcrafted albums are printed on luxurious lustre paper that is simply gorgeous to touch. Each album includes white cotton gloves, an album care guide and a certificate of authenticity. 

We offer a large range of cover materials, front cover designs and packaging options that allow you to create a unique album to suit each couple and your budget. Album material ranges from premium leather, classic leather, linen and many more.

A photo album is the perfect way to display and relive your special day through your favourite photos. 

Price starts at - $650 AUD


A step back in time! Film photos are no longer a thing of the past and are really becoming the new trend. If you feel like getting some awesome vintage looking photos from your photographer, that are more detailed than your over the counter kodak photos then this add on is for you!


Let us bring our beloved antique point and shoot camera along and use a whole roll of film on YOU! Deliverables include all film photos as a digital file. If you're wanting prints too, chat to us about the option to add this on.

 $300 AUD

Screen Shot 2022-12-08 at 11.59.36 am.png


Let us mic up your friends and family during the reception and have them chat about their favourite story about you or best part of the wedding day (so far!) This add on includes a 10-12 min video of your friends chatting to the camera about you, for you, on your wedding night!


A super fun way to relive the night and remember exactly who was there and what was said with this beautiful 'love letters' add on!


Deliverables for this includes one seperate edited video of your friends in a fun, interview cut like short clip. Pick those who you'd like to speak, otherwise leave it up to us!

 $500 AUD


Want to remember your entire ceremony from start to finish? As well as your family and friends speeches during the

reception? Why not add on the optional 'Raw Footage' extra.

This addition includes two seperate videos of both your ceremony along with audio and reaction shots as well as the speeches during the reception later in the night. A great way to remember extra moments from a very special day.

$400 AUD

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